About Us

Francis McLean

Veterinary Technician, Founder and Operator

Francis is the Founder and Operator of North Bay Vet Tech Services. Francis grew up in a little town 2 hours north of North Bay, Earlton. Throughout the years on the farm, his parents had many types of animals. At first the farm was a hobby farm with cows, chickens and rabbits. Then from 2001 to 2015, his father operated a Dairy Goat Farm. Francis’ passion and love for the animals started at a very young age.
Once he completed High School, he moved to New Liskeard to obtain his College Diploma at College Boreal as a Veterinary Technician. (2008). He then worked 13 years in Toronto, Montreal and North Bay. He had the opportunity to work in a variety of clinic settings. He worked in regular veterinary clinics, in emergency and in a referral center. During his time at the emergency and referral center, he had the opportunity to improve his skills and develop new technics. Also working with a variety of specialists, and obtaining a position in the Dentistry Department, he had the opportunity to improve his skills in a variety of fields. He also got to work as a Speaker for a group of clinics where he would give seminars on Dental tools sharpening and ergonomy.
Before Francis left Montreal to get back closer to his family, he did do a little bit of in home pet care. Once in North Bay, he notice the need of in home pet care and this is where the idea to start this business came from.
Francis is the happy owner of 3 cats: Maya, Mindy and Balcon.

Other interest
  • Gardening
  • Workout and Exercise

Maya and Mindy

The Grand Boss and her Assistant

Maya, 16 yrs old, (calico) was Francis’ first cat. He adopted her in July 2007, when he was working as a clinic assistant at College Boreal for the veterinary technician course.
She has been with him since the beginning. She’s lived in New Liskeard, the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal and North Bay. As she is a calico, she does have her little attitude, but her loyalty, and love Francis gets from her is all worth it. And she loves attention.
Mindy, 13 years old (tabby and white) is his little shy girl. Found as a kitten in a backyard in Richmond Hill, Francis adopted her from the clinic he worked at. She was about 5 months old when Francis welcomed her into his house. She is very timid and hides all the time. Her favorite place are behind the couch, or in the bedroom in her bed beside the night table. She likes calm and quiet. Once in a while, when you scratch her chin or her lower back, she will purr. And she always reminds everyone when it’s her dinner time because she comes out of hiding.

Other fun facts
  • Maya’s Given D.O.B. January 24th 2005
  • Mindy’s Given D.O.B. March 26th 2008
  • Due to the chromosomes in cats, only females can be calico, rare cases of calico males are possible, Francis had the chance to see one in practice in Montreal.

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